The Combination + Oily Skin Sequence

The Combination + Oily Skin Sequence

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WHO: Combination + Oily + Problematic + Normal Skin

5 products • 5 SIMPLE steps 

This sequence is all about balancing and rejuvenating that inner glow while working to contain blemishes and breakouts and control oil production! 

Oil control is about balance, giving your skin enough hydration to not over produce oil yet resurfacing the skin to allow its natural oils to excrete without building up to cause breakouts and blackheads. Our MBL Sequence has a balance that will improve congestion and oil control with it's superfood ingredient goodness!

Step 1          Jelly Cleanse
Step 1.5       Multi-Masker: Green Clay 2 in 1 Exfoliating Mask
Step 2          Purifying Facial Mist
Step 2.5       Resurfacing Serum 
Step 3          CREME 'DAY' LA CREME: Restoring and Rejuvenating Cream

  • Gentle on your skin, yet feels squeaky clean!
  • Full of Active Ingredients that work behind the scenes to control oil production and ease breakouts
  • The best bloody thing you'll put on your skin!! 

1. Cleanse: Jelly Cleanse

The most commonly skipped step in every current beauty sequence, yet by far the most revitalising thing you can do for your skin. 

Cleanse your face each morning and night as bible. Every day our skin becomes congested with built-up impurities as a result of bacteria, pollutants and dead skin cells… the build-up of these dirt and oils acting as a barrier for any products, makeup and moisturisers you use on the reg.

Tip: Start with one pump and massage gently onto your face, using small circular motions in an upwards direction to prevent your skin dragging and increase blood flow to plump that baby face.

1.5 MULTI-MASKER: Green Clay 2 IN 1 Exfoliating Mask

That time of the week you get to feel squeaky clean and buff away those dead skin cells, release the black heads and feel as polished as ever.

Let the natural goodness of superfoods Raw Oats, Coconut Powder, Green Tea, Quinoa, Blueberry + Chia Seed bring that glowing gleam out. Mix with cleanser or water to create your perfect consistency. 

Tip: Once a week, leave your scrub on to set into a magical mask, allowing nature's finest Pink Clay to set (we recommend pouring a little beverage, sitting a while longer in the bath and taking this 10 minutes out of your day for YOU!) 

2. MIST: Purifying Facial Mist

Refresh and recharge with your ‘Hydrate and Glow’ - all day, every day. This antioxidant-filled spritz promises to fuel your skin with all of nature’s finest active ingredients, not only boosting your hydration levels but also sealing in purity properties to work their magic from the inside.

Tip: Apply throughout the day to revitalise and refresh. Just like our bodies need on the inside, our ‘outside’ needs some extra hydration too!

2.5. SERUM: Resurfacing Serum

The Resurfacing is designed to do exactly that, resurface uneven skin. This naturally derived cyclic acid based serum dives deep into congested skin removing dead skin cells to relieve clogged pores and blackheads reducing bacterial growth. 

3. CREME 'DAY' LA CREME: Restoring + Rejuvenating Cream

Your creme ‘day’ la creme; the icing on the cake to your skincare routine. Use as a nourishing night-cap to end each day; apply liberally to lock in moisture, protecting your skin and keeping it hydrated at the same time.

Tip: Both dry and oily skin needs to be moisturised daily, the all-natural properties working behind the scenes to balance out your oil production, no matter your skin type. Whether your goal is to simply keep your skin looking fresh, reduce redness, uplift any dullness or ease inflammations… a little bit of love (and creme) can go a long way.

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