WORDS | Resolution

1. a firm decision to do or not to do something.

With the start of 2017 newly notched on our belt, January marks both a time of reflection and resolution. A time to look back on what inspired us, what fueled the fire in our bellies, what we hope to do differently, and how we choose to grow. For many of us, the start of a new year is often our biggest downfall; we make promises to ourselves or to others that, despite our soaring ambition, might only last a few weeks, a couple of days, or even an hour. We carry so much expectation in this first month, as if by nature January is destined to challenge us, to shake things up a little, to see how far we think we can go. Yet the lessons we like to think remain constant throughout the year are those we learn early on about our perception of ourselves, about learning how to roll with who we are and how each and every one of us can live a beautiful life.

And so, reigning high on our starry-eyed list of hopes and goals for this year (and every other after that) is the promise to present to you all a few of life's lessons and MBL loves - resolutions - that go hand-in-hand with our label's philosophy, to celebrate a view of beauty that’s raw, real and true. So read this not once but twice, and breathe the following words in deep (like the salty air you love, and the moments you like to keep). And if you choose to take anything anyway from the start of this year, let it be this:

1. Your body, mind and bones are the keepers of your soul. Respect them. Tend to them. Relish in the idiosyncrasies that make you, YOU.

2. 'Imperfection' is a made-up word designed to make us loathe instead of love. Celebrate every tiny victory, every line, crease and curve.

3. Start each day with a grateful heart. Pucker up to the skies above, bow down to ground below – after all, it is the ground on which you stand that turn your dreams into reality.

4. Every next level of your life will demand different versions of yourself; pay heed to the people who choose to be there; the ones who grow along side, guide you, and ignite that burning fire within you.  

5. Be present. Understand the enormity of this world, and the minuscule yet magical place in which you're held within it.

6. Work hard for your goals (and climb those proverbial mountains, girl) but take care to trust in the timing of your life. Potholes and poorly paved roads are the mere speed bumps along the way.

7. Treasure the people and places who leave an imprint on your heart. Surround yourself with good things, and remember to always be one of them.

8. Serendipity is a beautiful word, but only few know its true meaning. Live wildly from time to time, go off the beaten track and embrace the unknown.

9. ‘True’ beauty is multifaceted. There is no one definition, no guidebook, no tutorial on how to achieve it. There is simply beauty, and there is simply you.

10. This is the ride of your life baby. LIVE IT. LOVE IT. Drive it like you stole it. 

Who's with us? x



Words | Deanna Varkanis

Photography | Muse Photography

Model | Chloe Goulevitch

Hair and Makeup | Makeup by Bonnie Lee

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