Five Things you are Doing Wrong in your Skincare Routine.

It’s easy for us to get caught up in all the dos of beauty; the products, the steps and everything in between, but what about the don'ts? Sometimes it's the most simple things that can undo all of the hard work so here are five things you need to know about your skincare routine, and five things you need to cut out pronto. 

  1. Don’t Skip the Moisturiser!
    You’ve come this far beauty, don’t go back on all your hard work! Your moisturiser is the icing on the cake; your sealant, the holy grail if you will. Not only does this final step lock in all the nutrients underneath, it protects your skin from any other nasties getting in. Basically it’s like a luxurious product skin ninja that fights off all the badies (and we all need one of those). 
  1. Double-up on the Cleanser
    For the love of Rose’, get this goodness on your face more than just once! Your trusty baby wipe or swish of micellar water just won’t cut it as your first step. Your face needs to be (wom)man-handled with your cleanser TWICE during your daily beauty regime.
    The first will breakdown sweat, oils and makeup that have been building up on your skin and the second will actually cleanse the deeper layers, drawing out any impurities and softening it up making it easier for the next steps to penetrate deeper into your skin and work a whole lot more skincare magic.

  1. Ease up on Exfoliant
    Over exfoliating? There is totally such a thing. It’s easy to assume that the more harsh the exfoliant the better it works, this is certainly not the case. If an exfoliant is too rough on the skin it can strip the skin of its natural oils causing your skin to over produce more oil to make up for its loss. It can also damage the outer layers causing dry irritated and inflamed skin with visible broken blood vessels. 
  1. Drying with a Dirty Towel?
    Please, please do not dry your face after you've cleansed with a dirty towel - scrap the damp go-to shower towel and forget the hanging hand-towel. Once your skin has been rid of all surface bacteria it is at its most vulnerable state. Its super important to keep it fresh and clean way while you fuel it with all the goodness of the beauty layers your about to delve into with the rest of your skincare routine - there is no point cleaning it then putting the germs straight back in there!  
  1. Don't Wipe off your Eye Cream!
    Be careful not to remove your eye cream with a overkill of moisturiser! Eye creams are specifically designed to target that area, if you're wiping it off by applying your moisturiser too heavily over the top your basically just swishing wasted money around on your face - on a side note, that would also be nice. The skin underneath our eyes is much more delicate than our face; hence the first place for dark circles after a late night!

I know, we all have a little guilt 'oops!' moment in there somewhere - totally normal! Keeping up with do's and dont's of beauty can be harder than keeping up with the Kardashians, so hold on girl - we got you! 



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