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I don't know what we love more; the fact that she enjoys a nice quiet vino on a Friday night, that she sees the beauty in everything she comes across or that she is so down to earth that we feel like we're best friends already?! Either way, thank goodness the world has connected us cause we just can't get enough of the gorgeous soul behind Why Hello Beauty, Emily Crawford. 

Why Hello Beauty is a combination of lavish words and crazy-good captures of the very best beauty products going around, in a nut shell; an incredible online Beauty Blog. Her pictures tell a thousand words with stories and images of beauty fails and triumphs with up to date products that are hitting our shelves every single day.
But what we truly love the most is the whole-hearted passion at her forefront. She brings back the real and the raw back to how we look at the beauty industry and its hundred-million-thousand (insanely amazing) products.

We took five with Emily (even though we could have chatted online for hours and hours) and delved a little deeper into why Why Hello Beauty.

Be sure to stick around and stay tuned for more blogs to come, as we promise this won't be the last time hearing from this incredible woman on MBL Words


“To me, beauty is a feeling. It’s the butterflies you get when you swipe on the perfect lip shade, it’s the lusting over a gorgeous photograph, it’s the second glance you give a stranger in the sidewalk who is effortlessly glamorous, and it’s the confidence when you feel you look great”.

 Why Hello Beauty is a small place within the world wide web, that is my happy place where I share the latest and greatest in beauty, sharing beautiful images along with product reviews,  interviews with influential women in beauty sprinkled in!

 Immersing myself within the beauty industry with Why Hello Beauty, it’s given me access to an incredible range of hair and skincare products, along with makeup, and always reminds me it’s my first love. From my teenage days of buying magazines and pouring over each page within the beauty section and one day dreaming of becoming a beauty journalist, it’s something that’s never left me. The excitement I feel over a new product launch, hitting publish on an exciting new post, or being invited to an exciting media release continually reminds me why I blog, for the constant inspiration I feel from this world.

Whether I’m flicking through the latest Elle or Vogue, or watching Nicole Guerriero on  Youtube, or people watching at the local café, there are endless ideas for new content for both my website and social media platforms, and I love each moment pondering.



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