WORDS | Beauty

1. A combination of qualities, such as shape, colour, or form that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially by sight.

Let’s just take a moment to put the definitions and dictionaries aside, and think about it; because when we think about beauty we instantly relate the word to how things look. It’s ok, it’s natural – we all do it, but it’s time to change our way of thinking – to be active and consciously aware of how we evaluate things, and most importantly ourselves.

We will forever be our biggest critic: our own best friend, and sometimes our worst. We are the first to look at the cover of a magazine and think wow, I wish. We forget the beauty in uneven freckles on our face, those tiny little feet, the battle scars of unspoken times. But these are things that make us unique, individual - and are often the first our friends and family say they love about us.

But when it all boils down to it, beauty is whole lot more than that. It is a way of life, a state of mind, it is the ‘every day’.

Beauty is the raw emotions you feel every single day; when you crawl into your sheets at night, when you feel the weight of the world is about to explode, the tears that roll so gently down your face as you read the last few pages of that book, or hear that song which pulls a little too hard on the heart strings. It is the little old man who is sitting at the same coffee shop each morning, it’s the sound of white foam crashing on the sand, and the way smile to yourself when our strolling on your own and your mind starts wondering through those nostalgic notions. It’s the kind of happiness that leaves you completely elated, it’s the sadness that makes you wish you could fast forward time, it’s the love you feel when you look inside their soul and see a complete reflection of your values. That is beauty: the good, the bad, and every single thing in between.

People often say that 'beauty does not define us', but they are wrong – it does – they just have the definition of beauty all mixed up! You are the one in charge of your own beauty, how you see and feel this exquisite world around you. So it’s time to pick up the word we throw around ever so lightly and delve into a world of it, whisper it to ourselves over and over until we identify beauty as a state of mind, and not an item.

And once you believe it your whole world will fall into place; as long as you own it your beauty is infinite, and so too are you.

Words | Bonnie Lee, Taylor Rivett
Photography | Muse Photography
Hair + Makeup | Makeup by Bonnie Lee
Model | Sian
Top | Grace Loves Lace

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