WORDS | Chapter ONE

The little journey of MBL began with big dreams, dreams that deep down I knew I would fight for, live and most of all, stand for. With a passion to inspire women to feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin, I knew that embarking on a journey to provide products and knowledge to enhance this would be incredible challenging, indescribably fun and full of indecisiveness (because I absolutely suck at making decisions).

Then days before we launched, I took a trip to the Hunter Valley with two dear friends. I was already totally in love with everything Deanna was about and knew her heart was made of solid gold; you know the kind that is instilled in a person's values and beliefs? Yeah, that kind. Over a weekend away with our loved ones we shard stories, dreams and aspirations of our future with countless card games and endless vino. It was then she fell in love with what MBL was about and the mark we were trying to instil. So, wholeheartedly the MBL love was doubled and a new beginning begun within weeks of a beginning just starting!

Chapter one began with a vision, 7 little colourful wonders and two full hearts. While this chapter will stay forever open, we have changed our visions into plans and our way of life. There is a whole lot of love to be had with inspiring stories, a whole lot of delving into self-love (and how the hell to do it!) and an abundance of inspiration with new and exciting products that will make your heart melt and your soul thank you! We took in every ounce of love over the last year and with our own personal learnings growing over the last few months, have created a range that not only your skin but your SOUL will thank us for.

Chapter two is about to begin and you are in for one glorious ride. And Chapter three, well that's not too far away either, so stick around.

MBL xx


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