7 Wonders of the [Beauty] World


Inspired by the colours and beauty that have rocked our world for eons, you could say that we’re naturals when it comes to loving and creating wonderful things. Our first collection is no different: 7 shades of The ‘ONE’ that each hold their own; 7 structures that evoke different meanings, feelings and memories, 7 colours that captivate, and 7 lipsticks that each tells a different story of YOU.

Let it be known that these beauties have inspired us to kick some incredible goals over the past six months. They are the pillars of our foundation, and the forces behind our humble beginnings.


Let us meet our muses.


Creamed Rose: Just like the steps of Mexico’s Chichen Itza, this beauty has 365 reasons why you’ll love her. Our signature bridal hue, she is a colour of cosmic dimensions – blending the shades of a million soft roses with a creamy, matte texture. Innocent yet totally edible, she’s our Madonna: our classic senorita that is two parts lush and lavish, one part mystery.


Bare Blush: Our barely-there nude that is anything but basic; she’s bible – our go-to colour with the slightest hint of pink. Taking up prime real estate on the top shelf of our beauty lust-list, she’s our Christ the Redeemer: our #1 love and handbag must-have, fave day-to-night shade and the crème de la crème of all neutral babes.


Deep Rosé: They say Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was our Deep Rosé. A shade of colossal proportions, she’s like a true Italian love affair: a blackened beauty that’s deep in colour, full of romance, and as rich as your favourite drop of red. The Colosseum of our first collection, she’s a strong one and oh so passionate; breaking hearts with painted lips she’ll leave behind a trail of lovers in her place.


Smudged Magenta: Not wholly pink, she is balanced with bursts of purple – vibrant in her complexity yet not totally out of reach. The beauty of this baby is that she’s a storyteller; just like the Taj Mahal we promise she’ll bring the kind of magic that’s hand-crafted out of love, and be forever immortalised on your lips.


Rubine: Nothing is sweeter or more long lasting than our take on the classic rouge. With a hue as mighty as the Great Wall, Rubine is our precious jewel: our go-to ruby red that is equal parts modest, vibrant, and bold.


Dirty Peach: The OG of our colour theory, Dirty Peach has always been one step ahead. Like Petra in ruins she is an enigma: born out of our love for the exotic her peachy tones are paired with a deep-set dirty hue; there’s no denying she’s made for lovers of a darker nude.


Faded Plum: The most humble of our 7 wonders, our favourite taupey love is made with a hint of subtle pink and faded plum. She is creamy and matte to perfection – a total dreamer with an old soul. A mystery to many, she’s like the Machu Picchu of Peru: enigmatic and lush with her head in the clouds, and feet firmly on the ground.


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